Oct 14 th, 2012
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Oracle: Cant connect to

Oracle Consultant needs help regarding “Cant connect to″

Sorry guys for posting such Thread. I searched in forum , tried everything I read but still cant fix it. Please help.

I am trying to install Oracle Database 11g Express Edition and APEX. First I got an error cause I needed .Net Framework over v3.5 , so I uninstalled Oracle, upgraded Framework and installed it again..

I am trying to open but it says “Unable to connect”

In services I have started OracleMTSRecoveryService, OracleServiceXE, OracleXEClrAgent and OracleXETNListener.

I can run SQL Command line but havent set username and password , so I cant do anything there.

Could anyone help me please ?


Consultant, needs help regarding Cant connect to!

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