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Oracle: APEX_LDAP.AUTHENTICATE – using Microsoft Active Directory

Oracle Consultant needs help regarding

“APEX_LDAP.AUTHENTICATE – using Microsoft Active Directory”

Application Express
Internet Explorer – 8
Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release – 64bit Production

Hi very new to Apex and trying to get the authenticaqtion to work against our active directory. I have setup an authentication scheme for my application chossing the schema type as LDAP Directory…my settings are as follows:

Host : ****
Port : 389
Distinguished Name (DN) String : domain\%LDAP_USER%
Use Exact Distinguished Name (DN) : Yes

This works perfectly and authenticates the user against active directory. The problem is when I try do the following in the database as I really want to setup a custom authentication scheme, it just does not work.

IF apex_ldap.authenticate(
p_username => ‘testusername’,
p_password => ‘testpassword’,
p_search_base => ‘domain\%LDAP_USER%’,
p_host => ‘*****’,
p_port => 389) THEN


End If;

No matter what I do this always returns false. I have created a function based on same code and created a custom authentication scheme that calls the function but I always get a false. Not sure why it works one way and not the other. Also would really appreciate if someone could help me get the code above to work or help correct it.

I have looked through the forum and tried many different search base strings but nothing seems to work.


What do you suggest for

APEX_LDAP.AUTHENTICATE – using Microsoft Active Directory

Kindly answer!

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